Friday, 18 July 2014

Hacking Minecraft on py

On the 17th of July we went on the Python and firstly me and Jamie wrote the code in when we frished we pressed F5 to run it and then we teleported to a Radom place. Then we went on to the next part and the code was called flower path when the code was done we had a play with it and we found out that when we move flowers come out and when you change the number on the code it's change the block .
By Harry

Hacking Minecraft

Yesterday, I changed minecraft in Idle by typing code and made strange thigs happen. For example I made a lava trail appear behind me even though you can't get lava in PI version. Consequently I randomly changed the type on block and soon had flowers following me (every were). The instructions were clear and all helpfully stored in a quick and easy booklet. Six. booklets, that was total of the projects there was to finish. Also they all worked and all were enjoyable, so I can't wait for more and to see how much they have developed.
By Leon.

Hacking Minecraft py edition!

Thurday 17th July, I hacked Minecraft on the raspberry py, on python.Firstly I hacked Minecraft by teleported to a random place in the world of Minecraft by typing the corwordinates on Minecraft,on python , LXTerminal and finally to run it I pressed F5.Secondly I made flower path but instead of flower I used a chest,TNT ,lava and lapis lazuli.It was only my second time when I did it!At the start it took me 2 times to do it!            

         By Dylan


We saw the 3d printer and we saw how it worked, you nead some goo to make it work. It's takes 22 hours to make deateled pyamid once a modal over nite and when they woke up it was sitting there.
We made some models on 123D creature and 123 sculpt, I made thing that had a birds beak on the end or it. It will get printed out  today or any other day.
Yesterday we hacked minecraft. I wrote code on a coding app called python so when you walk on water it turn in to ice! I changed some or the code so now when your in the ear blocks apier under nieth you so you don't fall.Grate for survival.Unfortunatly i tried to do another one but the code just wouldn't work (not my fault). So I tried it in an app called lxterminal but that still didn't work (I tried this 4x and debugged it 5x) so I avently gaveup! By Luke 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Ultimaker printer

Today we had a spectacular visit from a important lady who explained the instructions of 3D printing. She came approximately 10:00.Firstly to begin our journey to having a 3D model of our designs , of course we had to have prepared a design before her arrival.We all chose a different animal to make a model of.I choose a jellyfish whilst the others choose there own design for example a pig ,a chicken,a duck,a blob,a snowman and a rare breed of turtle monkey all made by my friends.Not long after most of us had finished our models the lady arrived with her printer there was a burst of excitement from our classroom.Michelle ,the printer lady ,brought in some pre made models of her own for us to admire.Then started to explain and tell us all about her printer.She said that the material the printer used was called poly lactic acid.

3D printer

Today a lady called Michelle came in and showed us how to use a 3D printer. We all designed something that we wanted to be printed out. The lady brought some amazing designs they were so many and the lady even made a 3D print which took 22 hours! The material that was used in the 3D printing was poly lactic acid. I designed a model that was a pig I used lots of different shapes, Maddie made a jelly fish, Olivia made a snowman, Isabel made a duck and Sofia made a chick. Today was really fun and I hope the lady would come in again and show us some more 3D printers.
by Katie